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DOACDO provides tools for artists and makers

DOCADO products are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They smoothly belend into your existing environment, make use of your favorite design Software and so boost your productivity without demanding a steep learning curve.




A 3rd Gereration CNC Hot-Wire Foam Cutter

The Dalet is a modern and extremely versatile full-sheet (1250x600mm) USB Styrofoam Cutter. It comes fully assembled, ready to work, including a Software CD that enables you to cut almost any design with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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USB Foam Cutting Controller for D-Sub Machines

FCNC will read your design (SVG, DXF or HPGL) automaticaly calculate the optimal hot-wire path and send the resulting G-Code via USB to any CNC Foam Cutter eliminating the need for a Printer-Port.

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Provides a modern USB intaface for any Printer-Port Router

SnapCNC converts your Router/Engraver (e.g. chinees 3020) to USB. It will read graphic files created by your favorite graphics program like Inkscape or Illustrator, convert them to G-Code and run your CNC machine via USB. There is no faster or easier way to produce parts on your desktop CNC mill.

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Wires & Replacemenparts

A selection of high-performance, anti-corrosive hot-wires for CNC applications.

Consumables for all our Machines.

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Download latest Software for your devices

We are always improving our software.

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