Software for CNC Styrofoam cutting Plotters.


FCNC is a professional software package for converting vector graphics into G-Code for CNC styrofoam cutting machines. The software comes with a build in USB controller for Docado CNC machines.

FCNC reads .SVG and .DXF files which are the standard file formats of most vector graphic programs such as Inkscape or LibreCAD, combines all graphic elements into a single hot-wire path optimized for use with CNC styrofoam cutters and outputs this path in common G-Code format, readable by applications such as Mach3 or LinuxCNC.

This software cuts down processing times of complicated designs such as lettering, logos or any other graphical objects from hours to seconds.

Download and try the software for free here!

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FCNC’s Hardware
Docado's FCNC comes with a microprocessor driven USB to D-Sub converter

Docado Dalet CNC USB Converter On the one side of the FCNC-Box is a standard USB port that connects to any Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet computer. On the other side you will find a common D-Sub (printer port) connector that will drive any machine which can be run by programs such as Mach3 or LinuxCNC.

FCNC’s Software
Docado's FCNC is a highly productive CNC Foam Cutting Software

1. Design in your favorite graphics program.

2. Automatically generate the hot-wire path.

3. Preview your design in 3D.

4. Cut It!