Dalet CNC Foam Cutter

The Dalet foam cutter makes cutting complex objects a fast and simple task.

The Dalet easily handles full size (1250x600mm) sheets of up to 200mm strong materials, yet requires only minimum storage space. The intuitive, easy to use software allows for extremely fast idea-to-product conversions. No technical skills required. If you can draw it – you can cut it!

Start your favorite drawing program such as Inkscape, MS Expression, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to create your design. Use any font you like, draw any shape you want. No matter whether technical or artistic, the software will read the file, automatically generate the optimal path for the hot wire and cut your foam precise within 1/10 of a Millimeter. No sophisticated CAD/CAM Software, nor special programming skills are required. A project can be designed and cut by mouse only.

The software will process SVG, DXF and HPGL formats as well as standard G-Code files. FCNC is multilingual, available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Docado Dalet CNC Foam Cutter

Docado Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter Docado Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter Docado Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter Docado Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter

Dalet V2 Technical Specifications:

Cutting Area:
X Resolution:
Y Resolution:
Positioning Speed:
Cutting Speed:
Hot Wire Temperature:
Connection Protocol:
Language Protocol:
System Compatibility:
Supply Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Machine Dimensions:
Space Requirement:
Machine Weight:
1250 x 600 x 200mm
0.004 Inch / 0.10mm
0.005 Inch / 0.12mm
333 ft/min / 10.000 mm/min
0.4 - 120 Inch/min / 10 - 3.000 mm/min
0-1475F / 0-800°C
USB 2.0
Windows® XP, Win7, Win10
FCNC (included)
100-240 V AC
68 Watts
45x15x5 Inch / 115x37x12cm
85x17x30 Inch / 215x37x75cm
15lb / 6.8Kg
Docado Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter overview

DOCADO Dalet €671,43 + €127,57 VAT. Holder of an EU-VAT ID please contact us for VAT free ordering.
Order your DOCADO Dalet CNC Styrofoam Cutter for only € 799,- with free shipping throughout the EU!

 The Package includes:


Docado's FCNC is a highly productive CNC Foam Cutting Software.
It will produce a hot-wire path in seconds, even from your most complex SVG, DXF or HPGL files.

1. Design in your favorite graphics program

2. Automatically generate the hot-wire path

3. Preview your design in 3D

4. Cut It!



 Try before you buy:
 You can download and test the FCNC software safely from Google.